School screenings

Our cinema offers private screenings of various European, Asian and African films that are suitable as an addition to the school's curriculum. We show not only reruns but also premiere titles from our distribution company Film Europe.

Information and price list

Running time for school screenings is reserved from 8:00 to 14:00.
Our cinema has a capacity of 75 seats. It is possible to add 24 more seats.
The optimal number of students per screening is 50.
Each group of 25 students is allowed to get 1 free ticket for their accompanying teacher.

The ticket price for premiere titles - depending on the number of students - is between 90 Kč and 100 Kč, for titles screened 4 or more weeks after the premiere - is between 70 Kč and 80 Kč.

If your school is interested, we can offer a special introduction to the film and/or a debate after the screening.